The World Leader For Stability

Significant to HARSH, is the difference between chassis and body tilt. In the most extreme test conditions ever produced, the HARSH hoist locked the body squarely to the chassis, resisting all side loads, with NO product damage at all, proving HARSH to be the world leader. Ground tilt 12 degrees, Chassis tilt 18.5 degrees, Body tilt 19 degrees.

New & Improved

Harsh's New Generation Cylinders are now equipoed the latest in technology which offers;

  • Double Stage Sealing
  • High Working Pressure - up to 3,800PSI
  • Maximum Lift Capicity 30,000KGS
  • Contamination Repelling Gland Nuts

What makes the Harsh hoist your first choice?

  • Harsh hoists are manufactured 100% in the United States, from scissor frame to cylinders.
  • The Harsh hoist is supported by the largest network of certified dealers/installers WORLD WIDE
  • Patented World ORIGINAL Stabilized Under-floor Hoist
  • Trusted Supplier for NASA Space Programs and the US Military
  • Highest Quality Ensured by the Utilization of the Latest in High-Tech robots, lasers, CNC machinery, Solid Modeling all supported by highly trained and very talented people

The Most Rigorously Tested Hoist on Earth

Each Harsh design goes through rigorous "JAWS" testing to ensure quality, stability and reliability. A 20,000 cycle test, including 1/3 of the test simulating overturn situations is the benchmark to be passed by each model.

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